The Henry James Chronicles

The Henry James Chronicles were started in 2016, with the last one being finished in mid 2022. They were rewritten more than once, and they finished up with a story I am proud of.

The five books tell the story of an exceptional young man who gets most things in life he wants. The first book, The Life and Times of Henry James, finds him falling head-over-heels, for an attractive New Yorker. He gets rejected and Henry unlocks new purpose in travelling abroad. But as he gets entangled with a terrorist and American government agencies, he has to learn quickly to take the right road. He puts his own life in danger to save the New Yorker and he will never forget this lady, he will also make sure he keeps her close, however, he cannot marry her.

The Life and Times of Henry James, shows you the heart of this man.

With some intriguing twists and turns, which keep the reader wanting more.

The second book in The Henry James Chronicles, The Adventures of Henry James.

Henry plans for the New Yorkers’ father to visit her, which is a huge deal. He also meets a Swedish lady who become a big part of his life. Randolph gets a Geological Survey done and later, as Randolph predicted, the word gets out. Many things happen, property searches and a Finished Spanish Colonial. Sailing in a force nine gale. Rachelle is definitely not the one. Henry gets engaged, and a Flight in a F-16 Trainer. many things going on which will keep the reader wanting to know more about, Henry.

The third book in The Henry James Chronicles, The Life and Soul of Henry James.

Starts with the end of the F-16 flight, Randolph makes Henry a billionaire. Friends are offered jobs and Annika’s School Project starts. A new company for renovating WWII aircraft, Lydia joins Henry, along with two ladies from the FSK. Help from MP’s and the White House. The purchase of military aircraft, and someone come out of the closet.

The fourth book in the Henry James Chronicles, The Beginning of The End.

Henry starts several companies to, maintain roads in the county, solar panels for private homes along with battery packs to store electricity, and electric busses. He builds his own satellites with high definition camera’s and a powerful laser.

He shows just what he is prepared to do to protect his friends and sets up a protection team. Many WWII aircraft are found and restoration is started. With the help of a friend, Allison’s Mother is saved. He builds a medical centre and they receive their first Military Causalities. They sail the new Malö 41 yacht to Belize.

The last book in The Henry James Chronicles, The Rise and Fall of Henry James.

Annika’s Opens her School, more help for Mossad. Annika meets a despicable man, and Michael goes on trial. Takahiro was one of the 16. A visit to Jolo Island, and will Henry get his own way with the New Yorker? The ending is a shocker.

My New Book

At present I am working on my sixth book, it is a spinoff from the Henry James Chronicles because it starts where The Rise and Fall of Henry James finishes. Several of the main caricatures will migrate to the new book, and because we know them, we also know where they will go, what they will do, and how they will do it.

I think this book will fit better in the genre of historical fantasy fiction thriller.

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