Henry James was born at Queensberry, an 18th century 38 bedroomed Manor House, into an aristocratic English family. He went to the best school in the city of Oxford, where he became the Captain of the cricket team. After school, they accepted him into Oxford University where; he passed with Honours.

After University, Henry followed his father, Lord David James, into investment banking. Travelling around the world regularly, to see his clients, and never once does he lose them any money. He made a wonderful life for himself, becoming a self-made multi-millionaire. He likes good quality cars and his Malö Yacht. He is very good at several sports, cricket, golf, shooting, cross-country running and horse riding.

There is an excellent description of his sister’s wedding, with all the pomp and ceremony of the aristocracy.

The houses he purchases and the good things he does for people make him everybody’s friend. He finds it very easy to make female friends, however, he only has a few male friends.

What he does not want is to get involved with a gold digger and guards against that. He is very competitive and accepts challenges at swimming and dancing.
Henry gets very close to two ladies. Both Americans, he proposes to one of them. After far too long, he finally walks away and stops wasting his time. The other lady has a life-threatening problem. Henry has to ask favours of his family and friends, so he can save her life.

He meets a beautiful Swedish lady who becomes his housekeeper. Things progress into a more serious relationship. He finally gets engaged to this beautiful Swedish lady and takes her around the world to meet his friends, while at Misawa Air Base. he gets a flight in an F-16 trainer.

Although it is a fictional story, there is a lot of factual information in this book. The story has many twists and turns, with the ending, setting the reader up for the second book of the trilogy.



Books two and three of the trilogy   

The Second Book Of The Trilogy

2005 A Life Changing Year

The second book of the trilogy carries on where the first book finished, the end of the F-16 flight. Because of what Henry did, everybody respects him at Misawa Air Base.

He finds the perfect site to start the renovation of world war two aircraft. He gets it up and running with help from a member of parliament from the local area. The renovations start and the team find more aircraft than Henry thought they would. More staff are needed and where possible he employs them from the local area. Things are going very well at Chalgrove, and all staff are thrilled and feel lucky they work for Henry James. Henry takes Annika around the world so he can introduce her to all his friends.

Randolph sells the Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration company and makes Henry a very rich man. Because of this, Henry has to write a new will. He feels his life is getting better every day. This sale allows Annika to get on and build a fantastic school for the local children in Nicaragua.

Henry’s redhead gets married and after the wedding, Annika learns all about Victoria and understands why Henry does not kiss and tell.

Henry purchases three military aircraft with help from the White House. Almost all Henry’s friends now work for him, and he is very pleased he has made a better life for them.

Randolph points out to Henry that he now needs protection for Annika. Felix finds two fantastic ladies to look after Annika, and they try hard to become best friends, as that would be easier for all of them. The last friend to come and work for Henry is Joe, who looks on Henry as a son. Henry speaks to the Dean at Oxford University and gets the students to design a new satellite, roof panels to generate electricity and storage batteries for one of his other companies.

Victoria gets a surprise and is thrilled.

Because the Malö 36 now lives on Lake Nicaragua, Henry purchases a new Malö 41 which will stay in Belize so they can sail around the Caribbean whenever they feel like it. He finds a German camera builder and goes to see him where he explains he is having satellites built and what they are for. He sets up a protection team to cover all the friends that work for him. He shows just what he is prepared to do if you wish to harm one of his friends. The team does what they have to do to make everybody safe.

All the business starts-ups are to help friends and local people. He is a considerate man, and everybody that works for him would do anything for him. Henry makes friends in high places, and many of those friends help him over the books. The restoration of aircraft goes very well, with more and more being found and renovated. When the Medical Centre is finished, they receive their first MOD casualties.

Sir John is in hospital and he is close to death, and he wants to speak to Henry. After Sir John has passed away, Henry leaves the hospital and heads back to Bank Underground station on his way to the Penthouse. He never gets to the underground station, he just goes missing.

A great ending that keeps the reader wanting more and sets up the story for the last book of the trilogy.

The Last Book Of The Trilogy

They Will Pay The Ultimate Price

In the third book, Henry has a serious problem and goes missing. After they find him it taks many years for him to get better.

Life at Chalgrove goes on as normal while they are waiting for Henry

Annika puts her wedding plans together for the second time, and it seems nothing will stop the wedding this time.
But life is not always kind to the good guys. Two weeks before the wedding they have to fly to Jolo island because they have offered Henry six aircraft. In his excitement to get these aircraft, Henry does not check out this man. This gives a dramatic end to the trilogy.

Future Books

At present I am making up a list of all my ideas and the direction I wish to go for my next book. I am getting the plot sorted as I like to know what the ending will be before writing the story. This will be a spinoff from the Henry James Trilogy, as there will be a few of the principal characters from the life of Henry James along with some new ones. 

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