James H Bragg

The Life and Times of Henry James

first book

The first book of a five book series

Henry James, our protagonist, finds himself in a perilous situation

Caught between love and danger, Henry James embarks on an unexpected adventure that will test his courage.

In the bustling and vibrant City of London, Henry James stands out as a highly motivated and ambitious young investment banker. He is poised and eager to conquer the world with all its challenges.

Looking for a thrilling novel to add to your reading list? Then look no further than The Life and Times of Henry James!

The Life and Times of Henry James is a novel that will take you on an exciting journey of love, danger, and adventure.

A chance encounter with a mesmerizing and enigmatic New Yorker sets off a chain of events that alters the protagonist’s life.

Although set in the heart of England, Henry does a lot of travelling around the world as an investment banker. Unbeknown to him, this captivating lady will have a profound impact on his life.

He believes it is crucial to delve deeper into her personality. With this in mind, he embarks on a quest to capture her affection.

Because of the decision he has made, this lands him in the middle of a dangerous situation. His world becomes full of terrorists and government agencies.

As the story progresses, Henry faces challenges that push the limits of his distinct capacity, both in terms of intelligence and emotions.

While moving from a deadly shootout to a heart-wrenching sacrifice, Henry learns another lesson in life

The Life and Times of Henry James has everything an action and adventure novel needs to captivate you and leave you craving for more information about Henry.

Will he, above all else, find the strength and courage to overcome the challenges he faces? Notwithstanding all of this, will he be able to find true love amongst the chaos that surrounds him?

If you enjoyed the captivating romance of The Great Gatsby, then The Life and Times of Henry James is the perfect book for you.

Do not miss out on the chance to experience this gripping page-turner!

This is the first book in The Henry James Chronicles, so be sure to seize your copy now before the price changes. With its unpredictable twists and turns, The Henry James Chronicles are sure to become your new favourite book series.

Join Henry on his journey and discover the heart of a man today!

Order your copy today and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Henry James!

My Next Book

I am thrilled to announce that after many long months of hard work and dedication. While writing my sixth book. I have, decided on the title of this new book.

The Henry James Chronicles: “The Next Chapter”

The Henry James Chronicles: “The Next Chapter” starts where “The Rise and Fall of Henry James” left off. “The Next Chapter,” is a thrilling spinoff. Readers will get to know more about the life, the struggles, and the sacrifices of Henry James’ intimate friend and confidante, Charlize Aaron.

As they set off on this new journey, they will face some difficult decisions while pursuing their goals, the outcome will not always be what they want. But once in a while their actions prove, that luck is on the side on the good guy. With heart-pumping action scenes and moments of self-discovery, “The Next Chapter” guarantees to take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

While waiting, keep an eye out for updates on the release date and pre-ordering options.

This book will fit perfectly into the genre of Action/Adventure.

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