James H Bragg

The Life and Soul of Henry James

3rd book

The Third Book in the series, The Life, and Soul of Henry James. Has many new things to keep the reader interested. Henry’s life gets exciting, with new companies starting and friends being employed.

Many things happen in “The Life and Soul of Henry James”, the Ball at the White House, and introducing Annika to his American fiends. Annika’s school project starts and Johnny is offered a job, and while they were in Australia, they made a trip to Wicked Weasel.

Randolph makes Henry a very rich man, and Annika learns all about Victoria. Christine get’s married, and the XO and Killer Queen lose their jobs. Henry purchases a private jet and two transport aircraft; he now needs a new home so the restoration projects can start.

From the end of the F-16 flight began a new chapter in Henry’s life. With hard work and determination, and with Randolph’s help, Henry became a billionaire. With his newfound success, Henry offered jobs to his friends and helped Annika’s School Project get off the ground. He even started a new company dedicated to renovating WWII aircraft, and Lydia joined him. Two talented ladies from the FSK. With support from both Members of Parliament and the White House, Henry purchased three military aircraft to add to his impressive collection.

Their new home turned out to be as Henry expected. Road building, fire, and rescue vehicles, and a confrontation with two large Navy SEALs. Someone comes out of the closet, defying the social norms, and conventions that have dictated their existence, so they can embrace their true self.

The next book in the series is, The Beginning of The End

My Next Book

I am thrilled to announce that after many long months of hard work and dedication. While writing my eagerly expected sixth book. I have, decided on the title of this new book.

The Henry James Chronicles: “The Next Chapter”

The Henry James Chronicles: “The Next Chapter” starts where “The Rise and Fall of Henry James” left off. “The Next Chapter,” is a thrilling spinoff. Readers will get to know more about the life, the struggles, and the sacrifices of Henry James’ intimate friend and confidante, Charlize Aaron.

As they set off on this new journey, they will face some difficult decisions while pursuing their goals, the outcome will not always be what they want. But once in a while their actions prove, that luck is on the side on the good guy. With heart-pumping action scenes and moments of self-discovery, “The Next Chapter” guarantees to take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

While waiting, keep an eye out for updates on the release date and pre-ordering options.

This book will fit perfectly into the genre of Action/Adventure.

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