James H Bragg

The Life and Soul of Henry James

3rd book

The Third Book in the Henry James chronicles delves into the complex relationships and intricate character development that have become synonymous with the renowned author's literary prowess.

From the end of the F-16 flight began a new chapter in Henry’s life. Through hard work and determination, he was able to turn his fortunes around and become a billionaire with the help of Randolph. With his newfound success, Henry generously offered jobs to his friends and helped Annika’s School Project get off the ground. He even started a new company dedicated to renovating WWII aircraft and brought on Lydia and two other talented ladies from the FSK. With support from both Members of Parliament and the White House, Henry was able to procure three military aircraft to add to his impressive collection.

Someone bravely steps out of the closet, defying the social norms and conventions that have dictated their existence, and embraces their true self in all its colourful and vibrant glory.

My Next Book

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that after many long months of hard work and dedication; I am currently writing my highly anticipated sixth book. This exciting new addition to the beloved Henry James Chronicles is a thrilling spinoff that picks up right where “The Rise and Fall of Henry James” left off. Follow our characters as they embark on an unforgettable journey, relentlessly pursuing their goals and overcoming obstacles along the way. I cannot wait to share this truly remarkable masterpiece with all of you.

This book will also fit into the genre of Action/Adventure Fiction novel.

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